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What is the condition called Lupus and how does it manifest itself?

Lupus is a serious affliction when our immune system starts being unstable and starts, instead of attacking viruses and protecting our integrity, namely our health, to produce harmful substances which attack our own organism (anti-body secretions). The most common form of “Lupus” is “disseminated eritematos lupus ” (DEL), which manifests by swellings of the tissue of different organs. This affliction manifests itself in the kidneys and articulations.

Lupus, Photo: workingnurse.com

Lupus, Photo: workingnurse.com

Lupus eritematos diseminat represents a breakage of the body’s own defense organism, as it starts to produce auto-antibodies. They attack the healthy cells in the body (being an autoimmune disease), which determines the continuing degradations of healthy tissue. Although medical science has evolved a lot in the 21st century, the causes of this disease have yet to be discovered. But medics speculate that lupus eritematos diseminat could be caused by:

  • genetic predisposition
  • a hormonal inbalance during pregnancy, which creates it and later triggers its development.
  • another factor can be a viral infection or the swallowing of certain drugs, especially by elder people or by those with a weak immune system.
  • the studies and especially surveys showed that the disease is mostly detected from 20 to 40 years of age and is 5 time more frequent in women than it is in men.

From a geographical point of view, the disease manifests itself on certain ethnic groups, such as the black population in USA, the American Indian population and the Chinese one. Taking into account that this disease affects the conjunctive tissue, the tissue present all over the body, each organ can be affected, from a bigger to a smaller extent, in different ways.

The main symptoms are:

  • The general state of the patient is very altered, the patient having very fragile states, lack of hunger, a sudden loss in weight, pain in the abdomen and vomiting.
  • Articulation pain
  • The inflammation of articulations in most cases, especially the ones in the hands, elbows and wrists.
  • Neurological disturbances: convulsions, paralysis, migraines, behavioral disturbances and mood swings
  • Cardio-vascular afflictions: arterial hypertension
  • Sanguine stress (the number of white cells decreasing in parallel with the inflammation of the spine)
  • Kidney problems: the disease can affect the filtration tissue. This situation can be found in 50% of cases.

If the disease affects the skin on the face, it manifests itself through a very specific red tone, from the cheeks to the base of the nose, taking a shape similar to a butterfly or a bat. The “respiro” periods is marked by the disappearance of the red spots, with no scarring effect whatsoever.

If it manifests itself on the skin near the breast or hand area, etc, it will have the exact same symptoms, with the same results. If the disease is chronic, lupus eritematos cronic, when the disease can generate lesions on the skin, they will leave deep marks/ugly scars.  It is preferred that this disease be detected from its early stages for the treatment to be prescribed to counter its progression and expansion.

To obtain the proper treatment, you must do the following investigations:

  • exams that measure the effectiveness of your immune system (searching for anomalies)
  • examining the infected tissue by taking a sample. In the case of internal organs, a tiny part will be taken or a biopsy will be performed. This is the most precise way of confirming the illness.

Depending on the results, the medic will decide, together with you, what treatment you should follow. There is no cure for this, but the treatment can reduce inflation and will hammer the expansion of the disease. Despite all the medical progress, this disease is incurable.  The treatment is in close relation with the zone and organ affected. In the case of skin being affected, it’s mandatory that the patient stays away from direct solar radiation exposure. Breaking this simple rule can start a new “Crisis”. More than this, active drugs (and swelling drugs, aspirin) can be applied on the affected regions, or above the regions.

In the case where certain internal organs are affected, the patient will have to take corticoids in the dozes specified by a medic.  Just as I’ve said earlier, this disease is incurable, but the evolution of the disease is in general slow, and it expands over a huge period of time. During its evolution, its stagnation period alternates with periods of acceleration. However, no matter the efforts, this disease cannot be avoided unfortunately. At least not right now, because we don’t have a cure as of yet.

The ones affected by this disease need not be discouraged. Techniques and treatments evolve pretty rapidly in today’s day and age; plus, a good psyche can help you have a longer and more beautiful life.

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